The way to avoid hang-over "drunk less

According to a research of the Netherlands is wrong impression that the morning after the night drunk several glasses of cold water with a headache after drinking drunk or hung-over 'lessens.
But research says that headaches or have a hang-over-digest the only way that you can reduce the use of alcohol.
More than 800 students in the study were asked to remove their hang-overs are used, the results showed that no food nor water for this has a positive effect.
The research results presented at a conference in Amsterdam said.
Netherlands and Canada by a team of international researchers surveyed students in the addiction so that it could go, the head of the drug used to relieve pain or to remove some of them Instead of trying to get used to.
In the Netherlands, 54% of the 826 students who use alcohol to relieve some of your hang-over preferred food, which foods rich in fat and heavy breakfast is included.
Over two-thirds of their students in order to avoid hang-alcoholic drink of water with continued use of the drug since more than half of the water used before bedtime.
However, this group of students' water users group, when compared to the improvement of drinking water that is felt but it does not detract from the intensity of the hang-over
 A recent study showed that nearly 25 percent had drunk hang-over is after.
The researchers said that the 789 Canadian students drunk and hang them over the last month that he was asked about the experience, which he clearly did not hang over, use very small amounts of alcohol was.
The student who has drunk too much and whose blood alcohol level ratio was 0.2 percent, one of them, there was resistance from the hang-over.
Forcefully urstr autrykt University doctor who led the study are concerned, it is fairly straightforward.
"The more you are drunk, so you should hang over the threat. '
According to Dr. urstr the next time they will hang over further research in controlled environments.
University College London, says Dr. Michael bloomfield several billion euro each year go into addiction.
"It is very important to answer the simple question that could hang over how to avoid?Although further research is needed, this new research gives us a simple answer to cut the drug. "

Hawking proposes solution to black hole problem

Light sliding along the outside of a black hole is the key to understanding what’s inside, Stephen Hawking says. The proposal from the world’s most famous living physicist, presented August 25 at a conference in Stockholm, is the latest attempt to explain what happens to information that falls into the abyss of a black hole. Losing that information would violate a key principle of quantum mechanics, leading to what’s known as the information paradox. Hawking and two collaborators claim that the contents of a black hole are inventoried on a hologram on its boundary, the event horizon. Unlike previous descriptions of this hologram, the researchers say, their proposal lays out a specific mechanism for storing information that applies to every black hole in the universe. “This resolves the information paradox,” Hawking said in his presentation at the Hawking Radiation conference at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Harvard theorist Andrew Strominger, one of Hawking’s collaborators, is more cautious, noting that the research is still in progress. Other physicists say the idea sounds interesting but is only as compelling as the supporting mathematical evidence, which is not yet complete. But Strominger is confident the research will “completely reformulate the way we think about black holes.” Ultimately, physicists hope that resolving the information paradox will help them understand how gravity operates at the tiny scales governed by quantum mechanics. First things first, though: If you fell into a black hole, you’d die. Black holes are regions of extreme gravity from which not even light can escape. The question that has puzzled physicists for decades is whether your “ashes” — some sort of physical evidence that you existed — would ever come out. In the 1970s, Hawking showed that black holes ultimately disappear due to energy leaking away in the form of Hawking radiation. Information about everything inside the black hole, including dead astronauts, would presumably disappear, too, a startling conclusion that flouts the rules of quantum mechanics. Physicists have devised workarounds but no airtight explanation for how one could recover information from a black hole’s interior

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