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The Beatles first recording contract to sell 75 thousand dollars

The Beatles first recording 

contract to sell 75 thousand dollars

Renowned band ' The Beatles ' first recording contract in New York was going to have an auction that sold for $ 75 thousand .Tony to sing ' Beat Brothers srydyn and the band was released under , but he drew the attention of Brian ayspyyyn which later became the band's manager and has changed its destiny .Undoubtedly , this agreement contains six pages of UV group sales in Germany who were collecting items Beatles , died in 2010 of doubt .

Both Shah Rukh and Aamir will declare me the winner Salman Khan

bollywood's' Dabangg 'and' Bajrangi brother John, his singing has demonstrated many times, but he added that Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are the best singer.

But his home production 'hero' to 'I am your heroes' song is sung is very popular on the Internet.

Earlier, the film "The Cook, the song 'hang-over' also gave his voice. Moreover, they assert, 'Wanted' and 'Hello Brother' has shown the essence of the singer.

Film "Hero" during a promotional event when Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan asked who is better singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said he has heard so far But they can not decide

Thousands of such wishes

wishes to make the list is normal and Bollywood actors on New Year's Eve by the kind of things keep happening.

Included in the list is the last cent over the millennium (Millennium). She wrote that the writing in their desires, learning to play guitar, learn to cook, to find a good pair of jeans.Learning to make a cocktail of five, to take care of plants. Then read the sinners' is included

He wrote: "For every mother and daughter singing a smile on their lips to scatter. (Before) or to invent something that was said to be worth the Nobel Prize. '

He also wrote that he "is looking mermaid while they synsuys synsuyl and the difference between" want to go.

The first is that sex means other sensory means. Nevertheless his fans for their upcoming film 'fan' and 'the heart' is awaited

Amir Khan has vowed to learn a new thing every year, but Shah Rukh Khan in the middle of the year to his fans on his list of wishes is shared

Aishwarya Rai marriage came up in a few films, but after the birth of daughter aradyh films appear perfectly round.
The film 'Passion' returns in the film world.
Their distance from the movies and their fans have been waiting for, but Ash did not matter how long the period of separation from their prflm no effect.
He said: "Honestly, I did not realize it. As far as films and then I realized I was away. '
He added: "I was not making films, but many women would support me, that does not feel the passage of time. '
With his film 'Passion' I think Khan and his storytelling style of the film and the people that have made an offer
gisele bundchen and tom brady s marriage in trouble

The public has sufferend enough heartbreak when it comes to Hollywood couples calling it quits lately, but it seems like another notable pair is on the radar.
As hard as it is to say, there's been speculation surrounding Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's marriage as of late. Aside from not being photographed together for weeks (including a no-show from Gisele for the Patriots' Aug. 14 preseason game against the Green Bay Packers), a source tells People that their relationship has been rocky following the NFL player's deflategate controversy.
"There have been a lot of stresses in their marriage in the last year, especially during football season," says a source close to Brady, adding that he can be "nasty and cold" when engrossed in his own problems. "Tom is singularly focused on his career and sometimes Gisele feels left out. There have been arguments."
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There was even more question when Ben Affleck picked up his footballer pal and former nanny Christine Ouzounian in a private jet to Vegas, and she was photographed wearing the quarterback's four Super Bowl rings.
However, a different source doesn't think anyone needs to worry about these two. "This summer was just a bit different," an insider close to the model tells People. "Gisele had a lot going on, so they weren't always in the same place at the same time."

Gisele posted very thoughtful and sweet photograph of her family, showing the supermodel smooching her hubby for a birthday post. "Happy birthday my love! We're so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for always giving us so much love. We love you! #love #family Feliz aniversário meu amor! Nós somos muito abençoados por tê-lo em nossas vidas
The art world's most expensive accidents

 re-presented. Sun in the 17 th century painting by a Taiwanese child was accidentally hole. Closed-circuit camera that can be seen in the video after the children stumbled trying to recover the painting which seeks to invoke the hole was painting his fists. Italian artist Paolo purpura this painting is worth 15 million US dollars. RELATED BBC arts here and a few expensive zkrhadsat reviewed. Pablo Picasso's famous painting 'lygyu I had holes in my elbow. Van wanted to sell the painting by a friend. Shopping evening they were showing some of his friends behind when the painting was moved by the painting went to his elbow. After the incident in the media, say four billion dollars, while the incident was known painting of the deal was canceled. Van to return to the original state after the painting in 2013 for his friend even more expensive in the US $ 15.5 million by selling off their dollars, was smirking. 471000 dollars rolling
  It's impossible to work without an agent in Hollywood: Irfan Khan
in Hollywood with Bollywood actor Irfan Khan admits that earning a reputation in Hollywood for the role the agent has to get help. Meghna Gulzar's 'sword' of the trailer, talking to reporters on the sidelines of the launch Irfan Khan confessed that a few years ago, I could not work with Hollywood, but now agencies have begun to work with. " But they also say that the agent does not mean that you will definitely get to work. In his view, only one works through agents, work is not often that talent. " According to Irfan any actor in Hollywood should do so agents may work and there is the same principle. Sword' s story in Uttar Pradesh in 2008, killing 14-year-old Hem Raj Rajesh Talwar and revolves around a sword. Not now could unravel the murder mystery. The film's director Meghna Gulzar Rajesh Talwar murder and associated police and judicial action have tried to present. Irfan why it became part of the movie? Irfan says the question I have for this film because I think that as human beings, it is our duty to seek the truth, otherwise we are like the dead, but worse than that. ' But the film finally came to a conclusion? Irony in full knowledge that this trailer is now awaited film. Rajesh Talwar murder even though a film based on 'secret' has become the 'sword' is more active film. Also, the film director Meghna Gulzar knowledge, the author of Vishal Bhardwaj and lyricist Gulzar are connected